our team

  • Carlota Serra Cabré

    Co-founder & Ceo Creative Director

  • Andrea De Pablos

    Co-founder & Creative

  • Víctor Riba

    Head of Art

  • Alba Moreno

    Art Director & Graphic Designer

  • María Calderón

    Junior Creative & Copywriter

  • Flavia Ventura

    Senior Creative & Copywriter

  • Clara Andreu

    Account Director

  • Claudia Teixidó


our network

We work with a wide network of creatives and professionals from all over the world. We specialize in creative advertising (copywriters, art directors, designers, illustrators, planners, media strategists), marketing (brand managers and marketing strategists) digital media (programmers, web developers, media agencies) and production industry (photographers and art directors, producers, music composers).