andrea de pablos


Andrea never studied interpretation. She only had to interpret over 30 characters in tv series and theaters, compose over 50 songs, and direct dozens of choreographies for musicals to discover the mentor who appointed her to Miami Ad School. There, she became a formal art director and met Carlota.  They were both standing alone and eating croissants looking curiously at each other. It was when Miller O'Connor started. She later opened her own music production company and worked as a creative in an advertising agency while she was waiting for her.


carlota serra cabré


Carlota had to study business and marketing in ESADE to later work as brand manager in multinational companies and find out she was meant to be at the other side. She quit to join Miami Ad School to become a creative copywriter and there, she met Andrea. Wisely, they switched from croissants to raisins, their energy source while working as creative partners. Afterwards, she moved to Argentina and New York to work as a creative in advertising agencies. She couldn't wait for Miller O'Connor to happen, and decided to return hoping Andrea was still waiting for her.


Our previous work has been awarded inernationally.




the creatives

Our creatives work from all over the world. We are specialized in creative advertising (copywriters, art directors, designers, illustrators, planners, media strategists), in marketing (brand managers and market strategists), digital media (programmers, web developers) and sound and film industry (photography and film directors, producers, music composers and artists).

the mentors

Our work is also mentored by referent creative directors from advertising agencies all over the world, docents at Miami Ad School and Esade Business School, renowned artists and music producers.




"We founded Miller O'Connor to link visionary business people with the most clever and artistic creatives from our industry."