stay creative,
stay true.


“Miller O’Connor is a hub of creatives that stand up for smart and well crafted business ideas. 

Working with creative thinking based on people’s truth, we create strong communication concepts to make brands grow creative and true from the very beginning. Driving wise brand awareness and engaging the people ideas were made for. 

We seek for creative business ideas that are seeking for creative communication.”






our communication stands up for intelligence and aesthetics.
a balance between intangibles and tangibles.

the idea

Creative thinking involves working on human insights  to develop strong concepts that will hold and strengthen a brand to make it creative and true. Our ideas are generated from there, creating an exponential engagement between consumers and brands along the way. 

Intangibles are the most valuable to us,  because they define the success of a campaign.  

the look

Ideas need to be crafted aesthetically. Tangibles are critical to us too, because consumers connect  with them. Our network allows us to pick the best creatives who will work for each project according to its needs. 

We deliver complete campaigns with an accurate look and feel, so ideas live up to engage the people they were made for.  



our work.

concepts and ideas for brands and projects  

defining new brands
new brand release campaigns
awareness campaigns
promotion campaigns
brand repositioning
concept strategy


productions & campaigns for any media

copywriting, graphic design, illustration
video (social, shortfilms, commercials and videoclips)
web and mobile design
online promotions
PR and events
POS material and merchandising
music productions