stay creative,
stay true.


“Miller O’Connor is a hub of creatives that stand for smart and well crafted ideas. 

Through creative thinking based on human truths, we build strong communication concepts to help brands grow creative and true from the very beginning. Driving bold brand awareness and channeled target engagement. 

We seek for creative and social businesses seeking for creative communication.”




our communication stands up for intelligence and aesthetics.
a balance between intangibles and tangibles.

the idea.

By using creative thinking based on human insights, we develop strong concepts that make brands creative and true from the very beginning, and grant exponential engagement with the consumers.

It’s the ideas generated from those concepts, which we call ‘the intangibles’, which are most valuable to us, as we think they can truly make a difference in the campaign success scale.  

the look.

Tangibles are also critical to us. To be great, ideas need to be aesthetically crafted, or else, how will consumers connect with them?

Our wide network of professionals allows us to pick the best creatives, from filmmakers to bold designers, to execute each project outstandingly.  



our work.


insight seeking and conceptualization
brand concept strategy

branding, definition and new brand creation

brand positioning and release campaigns

idea generation and creative campaigns

awareness campaign ideas

promotion campaigns ideas
product development and innovation
creativity workshops and talks
brand consultancy



brand identity - copywriting and graphic design 
video script and production - social video, shortfilm, commercial, video case study, music video 
audio - music production, voice over, radio -
artistic photography - from product to lifestyle -
visual arts, 3D and crafted illustration

digital - web and mobile design, digital ads
social media management - copy and visual content, social media ads -
PR management and immersive events

POS design and merchandising


our space. 

Available for exhibitions, workshops and creative events.